Simplebooklet + Klaviyo

Automatically export Simplebooklet activity and leads to your Klaviyo account.

Track Simplebooklet Events In Klaviyo

Send events that occur on your Simplebooklets in real time to your Klaviyo activity feed. You'll never miss a moment of customer engagement. Enter your Klaviyo Public API Key.

Using Your Klaviyo Public API Key

Your Klaviyo public API key is also called your Site ID. This is a short alphanumeric value. This public key is a unique identifier for your Klaviyo account, and there is only one per account. It is safe to expose your public API key, as this key cannot be used to access data in your Klaviyo account.

  • In your Klaviyo account dropdown in the upper right corner, select Account.
  • Select Settings > API Keys.
  • Copy your Public API Key.
  • Paste the Key into this Klaviyo Integration Card on the previous tab.

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