Simplebooklet + Slack

Get realtime notifications in Slack when your Simplebooklet is opened, share a Simplebooklet with your Slack team, and use slash commands to manage your Simplebooklet account.

Be Persuasive, When You Can't Be There.

Instant Notifications

Receive real-time notifications in your preferred channel, making it easy to know when your client is ready for a follow up conversation.

Increase Productivity

get the right Simplebooklet into the right channel or direct message so your team can quickly find it then distribute it to their clients.

At Your Fingertips

Stay in the conversation and post any Simplebooklet using a slash command right from Slack so you don't have to leave the chat to grab a link.

Post From Simplebooklet

Post directly to a Slack channel or DM directly from the sharing tools in Simplebooklet. Makes it easy to get your Simplebooklet distributed everywhere without leaving your Simplebooklet account.

Be on the same page, when not in the same room.

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