If your organization shares PDFs, you need Simplebooklet.

No one opens PDFs anymore. With Simplebooklet, customer engagement soars when you turn those generic PDFs, Brochures, and Presentations into Professional, Personal, and Persuasive flipbooks.

Simplebooklets are 5X more likely to be read start to finish than a PDF.

1 Upload

Start with a PDF, Document, Presentation or Video file.

2 Customize

Enhance your new flipbook with call-to-action buttons, embedded videos, unique page transitions, animations, and narrations.

3 Share

From a single white-labeled web link, post your Simplebooklet to social media, send it in rich html email, install it as an app, and embed it on any page.

Hosting included. No coding required.

Stand Out From The Crowd


Simplebooklet captures and holds your customers' attention right from the start, establishing confidence in your content, and making you look like a pro.


Instead of another generic, uninspiring PDF, your customer will love the experience of flipping through your content as your brand and you establish the trust required to take the next step.


At every step of the way, your Simplebooklet is encouraging your customer to reach out and engage, through well timed calls-to-action, voice narration pointing out what's important, and just making it easier overall to flip through your content on the device's and digital channels they spend their time.

How Simplebooklet Works

Personal Presentation

Make a great first impression, then hold your customer's attention through your entire content with your logo, custom domain, enhanced content, narrated pages and a presentation that delightfully flips the reader through your story.

Customer Activation

Nudge customers to engage and activate at the right time with lead gates, call to action buttons, business cards, forms, push notifications, sharing, and messaging.

Secure Management

Show as much or as little of your content as you want, with full SEO or restricted to passwords or even secured to a specific membership portal webpage.

Document Insight

See what content is engaging your clients with real time per page analytics, displayed over time, and linked to your google analytics account.

Curated Collections

Build a branded resource library that contains a curated display of Simplebooklets that you can share from a single link.

Reach Everywhere

Reach across the digital channels they hang out. Your Simplebooklet can be posted to social networks, sent in email, embedded on your webpage, installed as a native app, shared from a QR code, and all from a branded weblink. All your client needs is a browser on their favorite computer, tablet, and mobile device.

Be on the same page, when not in the same room.

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